How Do I Not Lose My Wallet?

Losing a wallet is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to any of us. According to a survey, 2 out 3 people have at some point in their lives lost their wallet. Losing your Wallor 2.0 Smart Wallet, however, seems to be impossible.

What Is It?

This revolutionary gadget looks identical to a normal wallet. Well, that’s because it is. What sets the Wallor 2.0 Smart Wallet apart from every other wallet that you’ve used over the years is the GPS system installed within. Since the wallet is always connected to your phone, you cannot move too far away from it without receiving a notification through the Wallor app. If you forgot to pick it up while leaving your home, for example, the wallet alerts you before it’s too late.

Due to its large power reserves, the GPS can stay active for up to 20 days and can allow you to locate it even across continents.

How Does It Work?

Simply join the wallet with your smartphone with the help of the Wallor app. Since the wallet’s tracker updates its location on the cloud, when you leave it behind, you are immediately informed on your phone, even if you have set it to silent! The GPS lets you know its exact location on the map. If you are in a crowded or dimly-lit place, then the app’s Augmented Reality capability can help you locate it just by using your phone’s camera to scan the area – just like when you’re playing Pokemon Go!

Thankfully, this amazing capability is not reserved just for the wallet. The Wallor tags can be attached to your laptop, passport or even key chain and have the Wallor application track them exactly as it does with the wallet. You can assign them unique ids so that you can tell them apart and if the tagged items stay within a 10 feet radius from the wallet, you will be alerted when you leave these items behind. Since the tags themselves are ultra-thin and unobtrusive, you can attach them to your most valuable belonging and keep track of them.

Additionally, the Wallor app functions as a planner as well. Set a date, select which items you want to bring with you and the wallet will make sure you didn’t forget anything.

What Does It Look Like?

The Wallor 2.0 Smart Wallet looks exactly as you’d expect. You will not find it to be bulky or awkward since the components have been designed to be as slim as possible to ensure it stays inconspicuous and practical. The wallet’s 4 stylish variants are made from extremely elegant Nappa leather, making them scratch proof and also RFID-secure to deter potential identity theft from malicious attackers. Let us not forget that the wallet itself doubles as a portable, wireless charger for your phone!

While it’s true that there are other wallets with GPS tracking capabilities, they don’t come anywhere close to what the Wallor wallet offers. With a sleek design, long battery life, worldwide GPS tracking and AR technology, this wallet is simply in a league of its own.

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Omaha airport parking

Omaha airport parking is a car parking located at Eppley airport in the United States of America partially in Douglas country. The parking is one of the biggest airport parking and most popular in the United States of America. The airport offers various services to its prospective customers such as offering parking place for cars travelers travel to Eppley airport. The airport parking also provides luggage assistance at a low cost and offers immediate shuttle transportation of luggage and travelers to the airport. The luggage assistance and transportation is included in the parking price hence if favors the clients. There enough security offered to the customers and their luggage in the parking as well as transport security to the airport. Therefore, it reduces congestion and stress of parking vehicles among travelers.

Car parking. The issue of car parking in most airports in the United States of America has been a serious problem due to limited space in the airports and also congestion witnessed in various airports. Omaha airport parking has brought a tremendous solution to this problem by setting up a space to offer parking facilities for cars. Currently, there are 3,541, spacing for cars of which 768 spaces provider long term parking and 3701 provides short term parking. Therefore, the Eppley airport travelers have everything to smile about since they can park their cars either of long term or short term basis.

Pick up and drop off services. The airport parking has got telephone waiting it’s locating in both south and worth terms which clients and prospective customers can use to call and send messages as they wait to be picked or dropped off. These cellphone lots are free of charges and their services are not paid for. This luxurious service has attracted many customers.

Free transport facilities. Omaha airport parking offers free transport facilities to its prospective clients and customers in order to move from farthest parking lots, that is from northern parking to southern parking, it is free of charge shuttle buses which separate from the main terminal to the north and south parking. Therefore customers enjoy free transport services and hence this services has attracted many new travelers to Eppley airport as well as retaining the existing customers.

Cost saving. The cost of parking cars at Omaha airport parking is low as compared to the cost of on-airport parking. The parking inside the airport is expensive and costly because the parking space is limited and hence the airport charges the high cost of parking. It is worth noting that on-airport facilities are served with discrimination since space is limited hence it offers only selected people. Therefore the Omaha airport parking has reduced the problem of the cost of parking by charging low and affordable charges.

Conclusion. Indeed, everyone knows that airport parking is of full stress. Omaha airport parking thus provides convenient and affordable facilities to its prospective clients and customers. is a website created to solve the problems of airport parking and out its successful operation is Omaha airport parking. The parking offers good services and functions such as affordable parking cost, large and spacious space for parking and accommodates a large number of cars, free transport of customers from the terminal to the parking. It also saves times and eases congestion in on-airport parking.

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