Things to Consider When Choosing a Civilian Military Defense Lawyer

Are you under investigation as an active duty service member? Or is there a pending court-martial case? It is most probable that you are on the lookout for a military defense lawyer able to defend you ably in court.

It goes without saying that selection of the ideal military defense lawyer will determine the case. There are certain crucial factors that you should perceive as your irreducible minimums. Our team has gone to the lengths of compiling the following factors for you.

Years of experience

This should not come as a surprise to you. It is recommended that you rely on the services and professional advice of an experienced military lawyer. This is because of the complexity that comes with military law. Look for an attorney who has handled similar cases to yours in the past.

While you are looking into their experience, perform an in-depth analysis of their track record. It would be dangerous to have a lawyer in your corner who has a poor track record.

Knowledge of the subject

When performing your search, you might come into two types of lawyers, general criminal defense lawyers, and civilian-military defense lawyers. We recommend that you go for the latter. These two types of professionals offer different expertise and advice, though their roles and responsibilities may look a bit similar.

As mentioned earlier, you are looking for a professional who will argue the best case for you before the jury. Hire a lawyer who has the knowledge required in such military law scenarios.

Honesty & Openness

Being that the court-martial case will determine your future, it is best that you look for a military lawyer who will be clear and honest with you. Naturally, you might want the best desirable outcome for your case. After all, who doesn’t want to preserve or even better their chances in this life?

However, there is a difference between bettering one’s chances and making empty promises. A lawyer who makes empty promises is a dangerous one. This is one who simply wants your business and is unable to guarantee anything. We recommend that you stay away from such a lawyer. They are only bound to build your hopes and then dash them.

Your sixth sense

While there are different qualifications, years of experience, and other tips provided, the final decision lies with you. How comfortable do you feel working with the particular professional? Do you feel at ease? If you do, we recommend that you proceed.


Have you found yourself in a position that you need a military lawyer? Considering the possible magnitude of the case, you are going to need an experienced and expert professional by your side.