Buying Instagram Followers is Hurting Your Account

Instagram has become a lucrative method for influencers and brands to earn a living. With a substantial following, an influencer can be approached by a company or organization to market their goods or products. And that’s why influencers have been buying Instagram followers. Such a dirty tactic may lead to instant results. But believe it or not, such a method will or is already hurting your account. Wondering how? Keep reading and you will find out. We have also included a better alternative, the use of an organic Instagram growth service provider like SimplyGram.

The Fake Following and its complications

It’s not just two unanimated entities interacting with one another. Think of Instagram as a platform that is made use by two people. Instagram creators agree with this statement. In a news release in 2018, Instagram stated that “Every day people come to Instagram to have real experiences, including genuine interactions.”

To enforce this, the Instagram algorithm was updated to identify fake likes and fake accounts. The algorithm also devalues your account. This affects your visibility and growth reach. You will be ranked lower on the feed leading to less visibility and thus less revenue. If you are still in doubt, follow the story of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Justin Beiber.

Fake followers are unable to purchase your goods or services. The biggest advantage that a fake following offers you is the image of your account being larger than it is. You must also realize that this will not be an advantage when it comes to collaboration with other brands. There are tools in the market that can pick out an account with a fake following from the real deal.

The worth case scenario of having a fake following is having your account deleted by Instagram. Fake followings at times make use of bots that flout Instagram’s terms of service and community guidelines. The social media platform has a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to the violation of guidelines.

Organic growth

On the flip side, this is what you should invest your time and money in. Organic growth leans towards increasing your following with genuine and quality content. This means creating content that meets the tastes and needs of your audience. You will need to learn your follower base. What do they like? What time do they come online? What are the demographics? Several analytical tools might be quite instrumental. Instagram also has many features on its business account that can give you a similar breakdown with every post or Instagram story.

By growing your account organically, you can gain good standing with the Instagram algorithm. Better standing means increased visibility on the explorer’s page and thus potentially more sales and revenue. You will have no fear of being purged from the platform since you will have followed Instagram’s terms of service.

Always know that Big Brother is always watching.