No More Discount Parking at Fort Lauderdale Airport

Fort Lauderdale Airport is a huge airport that offers different parking services. When the airport was built, there were concerns regarding the parking Fort Lauderdale Airport because the annual number of passengers that use this airport is around 36 million, but the airport parking space is of 12000 people only, which is quite less. They also have an off-airport parking space for around 4800 people, but it is far away from the airport. Propark, a famous company that provides parking services at a low price, also provides a shuttle service for people who park their cars far away from the airport which is also quite cheap. The different parking services that Fort Lauderdale provides are short-term and long-term parking. The short-term parking is for those people that have come to the airport just to drop off someone to pick someone up from the airport. The short-term parking is usually expensive as compared to long-term parking because the short-term parking space is near to the airport terminal. The parking rate depends on the distance from the parking lot to the airport terminal. If the parking space is near the terminal, the prices will be high similarly if the parking space is far away from the terminal, the parking fee will be lesser.

No Discount Parking at Fort Lauderdale Airport

At the very beginning of the Fort Lauderdale airport, they used to give a discount to the passengers for parking their car at the airport. The parking charges of Fort Lauderdale airport are quite cheap as compared to other airports. Especially the long-term parking service at this airport is a lot cheaper than all the other airports. The off-airport long-term parking charges are as low as 5 dollars, which is near to nothing. So what is happening is that the Fort Lauderdale airport is going to eliminate the economy parking lots and are moving their passengers to park their cars into a parking garage, which is a lot expensive as compared to economy parking lots. The passengers will have to pay double the parking fee to park their car at the parking garage. This is going to be extremely difficult for the passengers because firstly the parking space at the airport is very less so they will have difficulty in finding the space. The only good thing about parking in the garage would be that you will be parked near the airport terminal. Parking at Fort Lauderdale airport is going to get a lot harder for the passengers.

Less Parking Space at Fort Lauderdale Airport

The Fort Lauderdale airport is forcing their passengers to park their cars at the parking garages and are eliminating economy parking lots, which is a huge concern because firstly the prices of parking will get extremely high and secondly the space at the airport is already very less so people will have difficulty in finding free spaces. The biggest issue is that airport has added a lot of flights in recent years, and the number of daily passengers is getting higher daily. The parking space is already very less, and due to an increase in daily passengers, it is getting quite difficult to find free space.