6 Best Sneaker Brands You Must Know in 2021

Are you a shoe person? If you are not sure, you probably put much effort into shoes compared to clothes. There are different types of sneakers made for different types of people. Some like light shoes, while others like to feel the weight on their feet. So, what are some of the best sneakers in the world?


You will not go a mile or two before you meet someone wearing Nike sneakers. In the world Olympics, if you are keen enough, you might have noticed Kipchoge wearing Nike sneakers. This is an indication that it is one of the best brands in the world.

With the customized designs, there is so much popularity, especially in the Nike Air Force 1 ’07 sneakers. Being in existence for more than 50 years, in Beaverton, Oregon, the company has sponsored several activities such as youth and high school events.


With the variety of colors including black, orange, red, maroon, blue, and black and white, this is probably the brand you will buy in pairs for you and your friends, or spouse. Vans is one of the few brands that come up with small sizes for children. If you are headed for a family photoshoot, and you have a five-year-old child, you can be sure to find a size that fits them well.

Fashion trends have models wearing dresses and sneakers. Believe it or not, they look good in this combo. People with a vintage taste can also go for vans at any instance and still look good in trendy sneakers.


Since the year 1958 in Bolton, the United Kingdom when the company was established, it has served a lot of people’s fashion tastes. People with both sophisticated and simple fashion preferences are covered by Reebok.

Their durability and ability to endure harsh weather conditions are the reason why they are still very popular in the market.


A common phrase among teenagers and youths is Converse. From Hannah Montana’s influential character with a variety of Converse, most of us grew up looking forward to owning a pair of colorful and unique Converse.

This brand is among the brand lists that are most common among the youths. People come up with interesting skits on how to tie the shoelaces in different ways and earn money from the skits.


If you are someone who is after comfortable footwear, then Yeezy is the best brand for you. The outer cloth is made of breathable material that allows air circulation through your feet. Do not be misled by the size of the sole into thinking they are heavy. The material used to make the soles is light, hence suitable for long-distance walks, hiking, and bike riding.


A sneakers brand that encourages you to be yourself. If you are a person full of life, and you need colorful objects, then Puma is the brand for you. Being unisex, they are one of the perfect gifts you can present to your parents or friends during their anniversary.