What Does VOD Mean on Twitch?

VOD is the acronym for video on demand. This feature allows Twitch streamers to upload previously streamed content for those followers who may have missed them and let people discover you even when you are offline. As VODs are available for a limited period on Twitch, downloading them is a good option and if you are interested in your account appeal, you can investigate the following article and learn how to make it possible to download Twitch VODs.

Twitch is a platform that revolves solely around being live, so new streamers tend to dismiss the VOD option as unimportant. They are often unaware of it. However, it is inevitable that subscribers will miss at least some of your streams. This is where VODs come in; they keep fans updated and provide ample time for them to catch up with your streams. Any streamer looking to build a following should have the VOD option enabled. Fans can then watch the entire live stream and chat in real-time.

To start saving streams to your profile as VODs, do the following:

  • Open the drop-down menu at the top right corner of your Twitch account and go to the settings section
  • Click on Stream
  • Go to your Twitch stream Key in the menu called “Preferences” in the Channel & Videos section
  • Push the slider next to save your former broadcasts to turn on archiving


Once this has been enabled, all of your streams will be saved to your Twitch profile as VODs when they end. Some users have their latter streams deleted after 60 days. Other broadcasters have their live streams deleted after 14 days as this all depends on the account status. To watch streams after deletion, VODs can be downloaded by both the streamer and viewers, although viewers have to use a third party to do so. To download your own VOD, follow these steps :

  • Log in to Twitch
  • Open the menu in the top right corner and go to the “Video Producer” option
  • You will be taken to a library with a collection of all videos affiliated with your account, VODs, or uploads. Open the menu and select Past Broadcast
  • After previous steps, you will have access to all your past streams’ VODs and now you can watch them. Then you will find a button “Download” underneath each VOD.

After downloading them, you can share VODs on other social media. Streaming has become a saturated market, so it’s wise to promote yourself on any platform you can. Uploading edited videos on YouTube with a link to your Twitch channel will send more viewers your way. Putting highlights on Reddit and Twitter is a good idea since short clips tend to go viral there. You should utilize all possible platforms for spreading and advertising your streams and make your followers updated concerning your novelties, and distribute your streams’ content to lure people to follow and watch you.


To sum it up, VODs are the perfect way to keep first-time visitors, followers from different time zones engaged and watching your content when they log in. Giving them the option to watch a VOD of a live stream they missed makes it more likely for them to stay on your channel.